Mimi Paradise

Mimi Paradise Manga

A dog falls in love with a stray cat, a cat devises a method to bag himself a human mate, two hamsters “discover“ each other, and so on... An adorable pornocopia of new stories by some of the most popular authors and artists in the genre, all on the topic of “animal love“. Volume 1: 1) The Magic of Love [Suguhara Ryu] The family cat is sick, so the family dog takes it on himself to deliver relief in the form of a suppository. 2) The Kitten That I Love [Miyashita Kitsune] It’s mating season for cats and Miisuke’s got his sights set on a cute human fish-seller. 3) Far East Fairy Tale [Dr.ten] Two fox spirits have a quarrel over human shapeshifting. 4) Meow Meow Formula [Natsumi Takao] Kazuya’s got a rare cat-ear-inducing sickness and the only cure is ingestion of human sperm... 5) It Was a Moonlit Night [Tooyama Masuko] A wolf and a bunny! 6) A First Time for Everything [Hinata Seika] Two hamsters embrace curiosity in every sense. 7) Discipline for Kittens [Tatsuyoshi] The family dog has his paws full with the new kitten when the master’s away. 8) Cat and Mouse [Kougami Eri] Two cats involve a captive mouse in their sexcapades. Volume 2: 1) Always stay by my side [Masuko Toyama] 2) The forest Bear’s treasure [Miyashita Kitsune] 3) Summer Man Magic [Suguhara Ryu] 4) Kyuuyou’s Forest [Dr.ten]

Mimi Paradise Chapter 7 : Discipline For Kittens
Mimi Paradise Chapter 5 : It Was A Moonlit Night
Mimi Paradise Chapter 4 : Meow Meow Formula
Mimi Paradise Chapter 3 : Far East Fairytale
Mimi Paradise Chapter 2 : The Kitten That I Love
Mimi Paradise Chapter 1 : The Magic Of Love
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Mimi Paradise Chapter 9
Mimi Paradise Chapter 10